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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Humor in the Age of Digital Reproduction

I was reading this pedantic article about humor.

Stumbled upon it rather unexpectedly, and the topic is relevant to what we're doing.

Unfortunately the article itself is mostly a survey of different humor categories, there is an interesting section about "interactive humor."

As far as I know, we'll be making downloadable games. We'll be writing stories and scripts for these downloadable games. Most likely an internet-savvy player who is unfortunate enough to stumble upon one of our hopefully rather addictive games will waste hours immersed the gameplay, as well as the quirky humor that we'll be trying to project with our visuals and story.

1) Internet folks have been exposed to more stuff that any group of people in human history.

3) Humor is about delivering the unexpected. A joke ain't so funny if you've heard it before.

Put two and two together we have our work cut out for us.

Let's all add something unexpected in our games. Let's add a bit of crazy, and enjoy the concoction.

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