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Monday, April 19, 2010

Frictionless Entry

It's not what you think.

Or at least, it's not what you first think about.

Say someone wants you to try something cool.

It's really really cool. Guaranteed. You just need to go through 20 or so pages worth of EULAs, create another account and provide some random but most of the time identical series of letters which represent the only password that you can remember for your email accounts and your social profile.

Before you even get to try this really really cool something, it's all of a sudden not as really really cool, and maybe not even really really cool enough to worth pursuing, because there's a ton of other really really cool things that you could be wasting your time on instead.

Frictionless entry is the new buzzword. But I like the concept.

It means I can get around to playing the game in one click. One button press. Because our attention spans nowadays don't last much longer than that.

It means having a good game, without the huge learning curve.

It means the concept is clear. We get the point right away.

It means to get to the fun, without the hassle.

We want there to be frictionless entry. Guys love frictionless entry. Girls love frictionless entry.

The above pic? First thing that popped up when I google image searched. Sure frictionless is good, but it's always smart to keep things safe.

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