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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Birthday TOM + Contest!

[Update: 16 amazing entries to our Steam Card Contest! Go vote on our Steam Community Artwork Page. Voting will end in a week (midnight August  15th). With so many great cards we may have to pick more than one...]

One year ago today (August 1st 2012) A Virus Named TOM was let out into the world. It's been a crazy year, and to celebrate, A Virus Named TOM is 75% off for the next 48 hours on both our site and our Steam store page!

STEAM CARD CONTEST: (1 week: August 1-8)

So fans have been asking us when in the heck we're gonna get our AVNT Steam Cards out already. Well help us out then! We're reserving a Steam Card for you :) Simply create an image (1920x1080), post it on our Steam Group art page, tweet it to us, FB message us, let us have it! We'll then hold a vote and the favorite will become an official AVNT Steam Card. Not an artist, or simply need some art assets to work with? Here, have a bunch: ZIP FILE (only to be used for fan art, please do not steal my wife & friends hard work).

BTW: if you're a Misfit, check your inbox for a bunch of presents :) (if not check your spam folder)

Here's an example AVNT Steam Card, and below a peek at the art assets you can download.

You make the big 'zoom in' image

We'll create the smaller card image

Here's a bunch of assets to use!