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Monday, July 30, 2012

The official soundtrack to a virus!

Due to popular demand we've asked Ian to remaster all the music from the game into a soundtrack album that you can purchase. We hope have it up for our Steam launch! Let us know what you think by voting on your favorite tracks below!

Vote for your favorite track...
Norton Provirus
130 Little Viruses
Galaxy Collides
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Friday, July 20, 2012

High Score Contest Update

UPDATE (7/25): CONTEST OVER! New video update for 3.08!
UPDATE (7/24): new video for 4.10... 2 hours left
UPDATE (7/23): new video for 5.04 test
UPDATE (7/21): Due to problems with the update, we're extending the contest deadline to Tuesday July 24th (Midnight)!
UPDATE: added video for 3.05 MP

The A Virus Named TOM: High Score Contest is in full swing! Just 3 days left to go to determine who get's their names baked into the final game permanently next to the developers. I'll update this post as I get more!
Players have been sending in videos or some rather amazing play thru's on the levels in the contest. Without further ado, here are the videos (with links to the leaderboards)


2.05 (Leaderboard)
This is "woko" showing some serious energy stealing.

3.08  (Leaderboard)
This is "DC PAK" showing some rediculously eerie robot-like efficiency solving this puzzle.

4.10  (Leaderboard)
This couple is on fire! This is "Niban's" wife "Merewyn"!

5.04  (Leaderboard)
This is "niban" with an amazing run on a tough level, even though he makes it look... no it still looks tough.


3.05  (Leaderboard)
This is "Stylpe and YotsuMD" showing off some fast turning and glitching.

4.06  (Leaderboard)
This is "niban" again, but this time showing some crazy energy stealing with wife!

Thanks so much to all that have participated, Stay tuned for updates!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Beta Update #4 (+ High Score Contest details)

Check out the final Beta update video! We launch August 1st, 2012 on Steam, Desura, and Stand-alone from our website!! See below for details on the High Score Contest...

High Score Contest
UPDATE: Due to problems with the update, we're extending the contest deadline to Tuesday July 24th (Midnight)!

Get the Highest score on the Steam leaderboards by MIDNIGHT (PT) Sunday August 22nd to win. If you can, we'd love to see your play thru's: please send links to videos to info@misfitsattic.com with the subject "High Score Contest". Below are the levels and rules, good luck!

Single Player:

  • 2.05
  • 3.08
  • 4.10
  • 5.04
  • 3.05
  • 4.06
  1. You can only win one slot, so if you win for multiple levels you have to choose (if you do SP & MP then you can win twice, cuz in MP you're part of a team)
  2. The name you use in the final game has to be approved by us of course. You know what we'll say no to.