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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Awesomeness of Indies + CTG design feedback

How amazing is this: I forgot my badge one day at GDC, so I sent out a message that if any indie devs wanted to play my paper prototype of 'Chess the Gathering' they could meet me somewhere and play. Then Dave Carrigg, Erik Asmussen, David Evans, and Michael Carriere came to my rescue and hung out and played my infant prototype over some beers. I have to admit all GDC I felt kinda like the hot chick at a bar that forgot her wallet and is rewarded by being bought drinks all night, but really: indies are amazing and GDC is awesome.

Below is footage of some of the play through, but most importantly the design discussion at the end.

Again, I've fallen behind on posting videos. For videos 2, 3 & 4 of gamers playing CTG in the PAX East table-top area, check out the CTG playlist.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chess the Gathering at PAX East tabletop area

[Update: sign up for CTG early access & updates here: http://ctg.misfitsattic.com/]
[Update2: Jess Conditt just wrote an article about this]

I took the "Chess the Gathering" paper prototype to the PAX East table top area hoping to see people play and hear what they thought. Jeremy & Kelly were the first ones to take a chance on a prototype and Jess Conditt (Joystiq) showed up in the middle to see the tom-foolery. I plan on posting the other 3 games as well. Then write a real blog post about it. Oh, and I missed about a months worth of updates so here's the Scavenger stuff you missed and here's a chat I had with Brian Cronin (Unknown Worlds/Natural Selection) about AVNT, CTG, & Scavenger :)