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Friday, November 18, 2011

So the indies at IGN Inide Open House have decided to do a podcast. Justin named it IHAP, or Indie Hot Ass Podcast, and I'm not making a new banner so that's the name! We went into a booth and talked about:
- Introduced ourselves
- Our Top 5 games (1:30)
- Piracy (29:00)
- Cloud Save Games: Diablo 3 (40:00)
- Our indie games summarized (50:20)

The patricipants:
Justin Woodward: Interabang Entertainment
David Rosen: Wolfire Games
Alex Austin: Cryptic Sea
And Me, Tim Keenan or Misfits Attic!

Please give us feedback (info@misfitsattic.com), Thanks!
Click HERE for the mp3.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Monthly Update: November '11

It's that time again, almost halfway into the month before I update! All areas of the game are picking up speed now as we sprint toward Beta. This update I have to give props to Dev and Audio, who have really started to up the production now that we need them most. But I have to start out with Ryan's first interstitial animation for the game, because it kicks ass.

There's no audio yet, but thanks to some awesome art by Trav and some equally awesome animation by Ryan, we get to see what happens when you take a teleporter that's been infected.

Jeremy and Eugene have really pulled their weight this moth by getting all the menus from last months update in the game and a bunch more.

Video 1: Showing off the first pass of panning through the billboards, the initial transition into a schematic, and then a faster transition into the schematic (we know you all have things to do other than wait for transitions!). Then we show off a new "barrier" for cooperative play that keeps TOMs segregated (yes that hot pink line is temp art), as well as an animated background and a quick view of some "role" awards that we give out at the end. Credit to Brian for those awesome medals!

Video 2: Turn off the lights, get your glow sticks, and turn on your favorite rave music because Eugene felt the "unmovable" tiles were too subtle in indicating their unmovable-ness!

Ian and lance have been cranking trying to find the sounds and music that will make the game. Here's one of each.

Audio 1: A cool track Ian put together that is now stuck in my head. Catchy and with a nice side of "you're in a circuit"

Facepalm by Misfits Attic

Audio 2: A great sound effect from Lance for when the drones are respawning and you have 5 seconds to deal with that fact before they're on top of you...
Drone respawnification D3 by Misfits Attic

Why the hell did I make Trav draw a bull and a chicken? The people spoke, and so the "hydrator" is in the game. You'll have to scratch your head for now if you didn't vote. We also have a new design for the schematic screens with a mini-leaderboard in there thanks to Holly and Von.

With our heads down, grinding toward alpha there's been less time for press, but there are some good interviews that we've done on the press page so check it out!

As always, Mikes been trying to heard us like the ferrets that we are, and I've been working with various publishers to figure out what the ideal launch platforms/marketplaces/dates are for us.

We're inching closer to Beta, so hopefully this time next month we'll be there (minus networking and a bunch of polish). Thanks so much for all the hard work everyone, it's really showing as this game starts to look like a finished product!

Friday, November 11, 2011

IGN Indie Openhouse

So it hasn't been "formally" announced yet but we've been accepted in to IGN's Indie Open House (round 2)! This means we get free office space in the city at the IGN offices (now our guest room/nursery/office can just be a guest room/nursery), space at their booth to show off "A Virus Named TOM" at GDC,  and best of all I get to hang out all day with other talented indies and make them give me feedback!