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Friday, November 18, 2011

So the indies at IGN Inide Open House have decided to do a podcast. Justin named it IHAP, or Indie Hot Ass Podcast, and I'm not making a new banner so that's the name! We went into a booth and talked about:
- Introduced ourselves
- Our Top 5 games (1:30)
- Piracy (29:00)
- Cloud Save Games: Diablo 3 (40:00)
- Our indie games summarized (50:20)

The patricipants:
Justin Woodward: Interabang Entertainment
David Rosen: Wolfire Games
Alex Austin: Cryptic Sea
And Me, Tim Keenan or Misfits Attic!

Please give us feedback (info@misfitsattic.com), Thanks!
Click HERE for the mp3.

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