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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chess the Gathering at PAX East tabletop area

[Update: sign up for CTG early access & updates here: http://ctg.misfitsattic.com/]
[Update2: Jess Conditt just wrote an article about this]

I took the "Chess the Gathering" paper prototype to the PAX East table top area hoping to see people play and hear what they thought. Jeremy & Kelly were the first ones to take a chance on a prototype and Jess Conditt (Joystiq) showed up in the middle to see the tom-foolery. I plan on posting the other 3 games as well. Then write a real blog post about it. Oh, and I missed about a months worth of updates so here's the Scavenger stuff you missed and here's a chat I had with Brian Cronin (Unknown Worlds/Natural Selection) about AVNT, CTG, & Scavenger :)

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