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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Contest Winners (Kiss me I'm Virish)

So we had a lot of fun getting pics and messages from everyone saying "I wanna wake up with a virus"! Thanks to everyone who participated.
Here'e the creme of the crop:


@kanthall via Twitter
@Team2Bit via Twitter
The guys are awesome. Check them out at team2bit.com/

Jim of Jim & April Fame

Misfits Attic Team Entries

Ryan & Caitlin
Ryan is the Lead Animator on A Virus Named TOM. 
Check out his blog at mourou.net/

Hailey & Tim

 Travis is the artist responsible for most of the artwork for 
the "City of Tomorrow" and animations. I believe he
took this in a fun-house mirror.
Boobie Prize 

Emily, though I don't think those are her shamrocks

Thanks again to everyone who participated! It was a ton of fun, enjoy the virus you woke up with. He may be a bit hung over from drinking all that green beer...

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