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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

David Rosen is sneaky

While trying to replicate a bug, David Rosen (pink) snuck around and got an "Infection Domination" on myself, Alex Austin (blue), and Ken Fox (orange). If you watch, you'll see that he's also persistent. I didn't have the audio recording, so I went ahead and added an appropriate soundtrack.


  1. so this is kinda like multiplayer Qix??? sorta? some help here :)

    1. The short:
      Yeah, Battle mode is basically like Qix and Bomberman had a baby.

      The long:
      Yeah, this is the "Battle" mode of 'A Virus Named TOM'. You claim areas, connect them to your "sources" so you can spread your infection, and place "glitch bombs" to murder others. When a player dies, they respawn, but loose all the "locks" on their territory, so others can now steal them. That's pretty much what David did right before claiming the whole map (wouldn't have worked if we hadn't all died right before he completed it).