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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Indie Cabin = The Last Shadow prototype

So everyone keeps telling me to do game jams, but I sometimes have trouble understanding how they can do this. I feel like I spend almost every waking moment working on the games that need to make me money, and have a wife & child that take up every other moment. Where can I find the time? How can I say to Holly: "Hey, take care of the kid for the weekend, Imma go work on a game, oh but not the one that I've been telling you will be done for the last 2 years..."

So there was an "indie cabin" that we put together to go to Tahoe and hang out & work on games together. I wanted to use this as an excuse to bang out a prototype I wanted to make, essentially do a game jam.  But as the date got closer I had so much to do I decided not to. Then when I got there I was so out of my day to day mindset that I decided to spend my 2 days jamming out my game, and did just that.

The Last Shadow prototype that I made at the cabin

I have to say, it was awesome. I got so much done, have the beginning of a possible new title, and feel refreshed. I spend so much time wearing my biz dev hat, my PR hat, etc, that I forget I can develop too sometimes. Not only that but it's what's most important. Holly saw the change in me instantly and is a strong proponent that I do this at least 3 times a year or so. She's awesome, and I've already married her so find your own! If you're a game maker: people care about us because of that, so let your PR be showing what you make, my weekly videos are trying to do just that.

As for the cabin, it reminds me yet again how incredibly fruitful it is to be around amazing and creative people. We played each others paper prototypes, games, and just enjoyed each others company. I'd like to do that 3 times a year as well ;) Thanks Brendan!

Indie Cabin-ers: Left to Right: Myself (Tim Keenan), Brad Johnson, Pete Angstadt, Brendan Mauro, Ryan Williams, Randy O'Connor, Rich Vreeland, Holly Keenan


  1. Replies
    1. You're gonna have to host another or I'll run out of things to post about ;)

  2. Found your site because of a link to your site on IndieGamer. Loved the video about PC vs. Android/iOS.

    Anyhow, I've gotta agree that having real live players to hang out with is incredibly helpful when testing new game designs and even occasionally a bit fun when they aren't telling you how to rebuild your baby.

    1. Yes, but you gotta take the blows and make a better game. Thanks for posting, sorry I missed this!

  3. This game looks pretty clever and fun! It's so profoundly simple, yet I don't recall ever seeing it before. Will this be your next commercial release?

    1. Not sure. We have 3 prototypes I love but only the time to make one I think... I'd love it if you could go to http://games.misfitsattic.com and tell me which you think is best :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you kindly! if you want updates, or to try an old build, sign up here: http://tls.misfits-attic.com/vs.html


  6. Thanks so much! You can play a really early version of it here: http://tls.misfits-attic.com/vs.html
    Outside of that its sorta on hold while we finish Duskers.