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Monday, December 3, 2012

Steam Big Picture

It takes 2 to spread a virus... 2-4 that is. With Steam Big Picture launching today A Virus Named TOM (steam store) is a whopping 75% off. Why so much? To celebrate being played the way it was intended: with friends of questionable morals over for a couch co-op session, causing mayhem throughout the City of Tomorrow!

But don't get the wrong impression. While it is cooperative, we mean that in the loosest sense possible. Sure you need to work together to infect the city, but no one said you couldn't get achievements for killing your teammates, or that you shouldn't rub it in their face when the results screen shows you solved most of the puzzle or took out the most drones, while they acted like some scared little email virus.

Doubt our cooperative nougaty center? See what reviewers had to say about it:

"...the best feature of the game is its cooperative gameplay – which should say something considering the magnificence of the single-player game."
- Co-optimus.com

“The most addictive co-op game we’ve played since Portal 2.”
– MMGN.com

"Failing a puzzle in single-player mode is upsetting, but when you can blame at least half of the loss on another person (preferably one whom you care about deeply), it's much more enjoyable."
- Joystiq

"Getting angry at a friend because he doesn’t see the solution as clearly as you is always fun and allows for some really entertaining moments."
- GamesRetrospect

"While playing through the co-op levels with a friend, I couldn’t help but think about Portal 2’s co-op experience...If you’re looking for an engaging puzzler this one is a no-brainer, but if you’ve got a friend you can play co-op locally, it is a must buy"
- Internet Freaks

“Friendships will be destroyed, but I’m sure that’s all part of Dr. X’s diabolical plan.”
- TruePCGaming

even more reviews HERE

The heads of robot dogs will fill the streets, teleporters shall send different body parts to different zip codes, Muahahahaha!


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