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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Decorate TOM, Win Schwag!

Well it's holiday time, and we're getting ready to launch our holiday DLC! The only problem is that TOM is still rockin his Movember mustache  in December...

We need your help. We want to replace all the avatar images of TOM with holiday ones, but can't decide how.

Below are our current four steam avatars (w/transparent BG's). Take them, and infect them with holiday cheer! Then send them back to us and we'll put them up for a vote. The top four will not only be our Steam avatars for the holidays, but the mad scientists that created them will get a holiday gift: their pick from any item of schwag on our cafe press store.

How to submit?
  • Tweet it out ending the tweet with @MisfitsAttic #HolidayVirus
  • Post it to our Facebook page
  • Email us at contest@MisfitsAttic.com (a url/link to the image makes life easier)

The Deadline is midnight (PT) Monday December 10th, so get decorating!

Blank TOM's to download:


Entry 1 (James D) Entry 2 (Ben M) Entry 3 (Fenrakk101)
Entry 4 (Ben M) Entry 5 (Michael G) Entry 6 (Ben M)
Entry 7 (Tony) Entry 8 (Rory D) Entry 9 (James D)
Entry 10 (Przemysław K) Entry 11 (James D) Entry 12 (Kevin G)
Entry 13 (Ben M) Entry 14 (David C) Entry 15 (David C)
Entry 16 (Ben M) Entry 17 (Jasper B) Entry 18 (Richard S)
Entry 19 (David C) Entry 20 (Peter R)

Honorable Mentions 

(Steam doesn't support animated gifs or non 184x184)

David C David C David C
David C Richard S

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